Chemix Company established on October 1983 in Alexandria. The Company specialized on Water treatment management manufacturing the following items:


Chemix team consists of 60 employees as follows:      

The General Manager

Chemist Samir Rophail

The Project Manager

Engineer Ossama S. Rophail

The Technical Manager 

Engineer Moheb M. Rophail

7  Chemists for following up the work at the different companies, where we installed our products in.

3  Engineers for supervising the installation work at different cites.

22 Skilled labors for manufacturing and installation.

8  workers for assisting the skilled labors.

6  Marketing engineers in the new industrial cities (2 in Sadaat city, 2 in 10th of Ramadan city and 2 in 6 of October city).

8  Staff of the head office in Alexandria secretary, and accountant department.

3  Cairo branch staff.

The Factory:

Our factory is located near Alexandria (kilo 27 desert road) with total area 3800 m2. The factory consists of two parts:

  The first part for chemical products.
  The second part for steels construction.

We have all machines and equipment needed for steelwork.

The New Factory:

A new factory built in 10th of Ramadan city 45 km from Cairo will be used for the new generation of Chemix products. The total area of this factory is 1300 m2.

Chemix Company is doing its best for maintaining
a high quality pure environment in Egypt.
We thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our company and looking forward to hear from you.